this too shall pass

What is the meaning of this too shall pass: Best Answer

Meaning of ‘this too shall pass.’

Sometimes we have a rough time, and sometimes we have tangible moments. When we are in trouble or facing hard times in life, these will not stay long. This will be over soon.

“This too shall pass” is a life lesson or human condition of life which is widely popular. Generally, people express this too shall pass in different ways like songs, stories, or lyrics.

Why this too shall pass is a common phrase?

‘This, too, shall pass’ is a common phrase. All people face trouble in life and problems all around. This is a lovely life lesson, which means that we have to balance everything. When there is a dark side, there is also a bright side. Sometimes we are delighted and sometimes we are in sorrow. This is a realistic situation in life. But, nothing is permanent, or nothing lasts forever. Whether it is good or bad, things don’t last long forever. That is why this sentence is very common. This helps us to live more faithfully, and therefore we have to share this message with all people, which means that this too will over soon. Even Abraham Lincoln failed in life many times, which is called “Lincoln failures.” King Solomon’s success in life but also failed in many aspects.

When we are happy, we have to enjoy our life because this will not last long, or this will not stay with you for a lifetime. So it is better to enjoy each moment of life.

When we are in feeling down or depressed, we have to remember that it is temporary trouble for you and will be over soon. We have to think that our negative feelings or emotions are not suitable for us, and these feelings will pass soon. Don’t fear negative emotions.

How to apply this too shall pass in life

To apply this lesson of life, you must understand the natural universe, which is continuously changing. The sun will shine sunshine, whether you watch it or not, and the earth is always moving. The whole universe is in a balanced state. Now the question is, you may face a difficult situation in life, no matter how awful it is or how much you feel like depths of affliction will last long. Life will move, and everything will sense and will not stay the same.

Commonly, you may remember your past trouble moments of your childhood or any event. But, you forget them per day. These are not fresh in your mind. You are growing, and your memory is erasing them from your brain. The reality is that all these are no more, and life is moving forward, and times and situations will change. We are not in your childhood. This is like you are holding your past events in the future.

‘This too shall pass’ will solve your problem

This phrase ‘this too shall pass’ solves many problems of life and makes you happy. It will let you know that everything is temporary in life and nothing stays longer, whether it is a good situation or that situation. Today, we are facing COVID- 19, problem, and everything is lost. People are dying, and people stuck at home. Jobs are no more, and people have to die hard. In this pandemic situation, we have to think for ‘this too shall pass’ and one day have everything will be fine and this problem will be no more. This is a feeling in mind that makes you happy and helping to solve your internal problem or negative thinking.

Failure to Success

sometimes we fail in life, or it may be in your exam. But if you think that you will fail in some always, you will not get success. So this is a temporary situation, and you have 24 hours like other people to go for success in life. And your failing situation is temporary, and one day you will get success.

But if you think another way that I am not the person who can achieve success, this is negative thinking. Your success may not come immediately, and this will come for you after hard practices. So you need to be brave and courageous, and your internal mind should tell you that this situation will change very soon and you will be delighted after you achieve success.

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