Start a new eCommerce Business in India

How to Start a new eCommerce Business in India: Know the ways to compete with DNVB

In the last ten years, e-commerce is changing a lot, and the structure of e-commerce is more competitive than earlier. In this post, you will learn how to build a successful e-commerce store in India and to find the right kind of product which is easy to rank and sell over time.

In the e-commerce market, there are lots of disruptors, i.e., Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs). These brands are on the internet market, and their main focus is on customer experience, and therefore they have their distribution system. During the last two decades, DNVBs experienced massive growth due to their customer support and customer-friendly market model. These brands are fresh, and people love to buy from them.

At the same time, there are some traditional competitive e-commerce marketers running tons of online stores. Therefore, if you want a successful e-commerce store, you have to be differentiated in particular in the market.

Amazon changed eCommerce

it is very unlike to say something about an e-commerce store without mentioning the massive giant bulldozer that is Amazon. Amazon changes the structure of the e-commerce model. Earlier, they started with two days shipping, and now they have a one-day shipping model. They have their prime membership program, which is nothing but a loyalty membership, and it is standard across all the countries. Excellent customer support, thousands of choices, rapid sipping are the key to success. On the other hand, consumers have massive trust in Amazon, and people are generally used to them.

Convenience Factor

on top of that, Amazon has a large commodity market. If you need any toilet paper or detergent, you always like to go online to buy them. The critical factor is convenience and time. Right from parents to children, all like to prefer Amazon because of convenience, and you can buy everything that you require according to your choice.

A brand

from the above factors, it is easy to understand that branding is the key to success. It is not easy to acquire branding in a day. But once you acquire that, it has a cumulative factor that expands your consumers at the large-scale. What ultimately we may conclude is that you have to be very particular in building a community around a particular product. You must know why someone would like to buy from you when they could go to Amazon, which is cheap and fast.

Therefore, you need to customize the user experience and need to research more on market requirements. You must be able to estimate earlier what is happening in the market right now and able to find out a vibrating product for the customers as early as possible.

Community Building Process

For creating a good user experience, you need to go for the community building process. Some DNVB brands offer customized boxes in product pages for an excellent online experience. So the customers may get hands-on because this is a community-building process.

Small giveaways:

The main difference between DNVB brands and Amazon is that DNVB brands have little touches that help to build community. Therefore they sometimes encourage customers by giving a few giveaways that persuade them to go for those e-commerce stores rather than Amazon for buying them.

Start with a plan

The first step of building an e-commerce store is, to begin with, a plan to sell online. In this process, you need to figure out what you are going to sell. There are commodities, digital products, and, nowadays, affiliate products. So you need to choose one unique product or niche product.

Selling Unique and Niche Products

Amazon mainly rules over the commodity market. We are very much dependent on them from toilet paper to android mobile. So you need to find out a product from where you can build your community, and people like to buy from you based on emotion. Generally, we prefer to buy a product from local stores which you require fast and equally cheap.

Commoditized Products

So if you like to compete with Amazon or any other reputed brands, you should start with selling a unique and niche product. Here you have more opportunities and marketing power. Here you can build a community with customized consumer experiences. Here you are competing with the same audience, and therefore, you need to be particularly like providing some giveaways. You may search for a product where people are more passionate about and more trending.

Solve a Problem

Some new e-commerce marketers are now performing a great job by solving a problem. They try to provide some additional information with the product which is helping people to solve their problems. Therefore, start with a single product and try to figure out a way so that it solves a problem for other people. As you grow up, there may be thousands of opportunities that are complementary to the original story or problem.

Sell passionate Products

Generally, passionate products have more demand, and people are very crazy. For example, bikes, bullet bikes already have a community, and people are very passionate about them. So if you are looking to sell such a product, it may be easy to have a community for them. So, try to figure out the existing community on them and to provide quality products for the customers. At the same time, there are lots of existing competitors in that community. So you need to be a unique and equally competitive one.

Google Trend

Trending products often perform better, and they have a high demand in the market. But, it is hard to find a trending product in the market. You need a little bit of time and effort to bring those to market. The market is dynamic and changing per minute. So you need to be fast so that you may deliver the trending products ahead of the market. There are few tools in the market like Google trends, which is cool. You may easily search for a product trend in the market by effortlessly searching for a keyword. There is also a country-specific trend in Google trends. If the product has a good market trend, it means that it has good market demand too, whether you are going to build a community or trying to solve a problem. After all, the market trend is equally crucial for e-commerce.

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