Common Travel Mistakes

Common Travel Mistakes that Tourists Often Make: Know How to Avoid Them in India

I believe that all people are travelers and we always want to travel. People generally go for entertainment or business purposes. But it, we typically make a few mistakes which create problems during our journey. Here we discuss the common travel mistakes that we commonly make during your trip.


We always like to over-pack our luggage. Overpacking is the most common problem for most travelers. We still want to bring the entire luggage along with us. But, in this process, we always take too many, and sometimes we exceed the weight limit like our checked-in bag. Therefore, we always pack limited and essential dresses or day-to-day products. But, never leave any medicines or any other crucial medical goods or business documents.

The second problem is that we always try to buy new products or traditional things which are not available in your native places. So, it will further improve the weight of your bags.

Use bags with an expansion system

It is better to have a bag that has the facility to expand threefold. This will help you to carry extra luggage which you buy during your journey. Always try to buy a bag or suitcase that is easy to carry. It may easy to expand according to your needs.

Plan your trip early

Plan your journey first, which will save you more. There are some benefits of early planning right from flight ticket price to hotel room price. If you plan early, you usually get all these at a cheap rate.

It is also better to write down or not down your trip activities on your phone, not book or any paper. This will help remember all the necessary actions, like booking local tickets, hotels, or any agent. Sometimes it is not possible to plan early. Especially if you are traveling for your business needs, but still, you may note down your communication information.

Bring your own/correct power adapters:

If you are taking an international trip, it is better to check the required power adapter. All countries’ power sockets are different, and you need separate power adapters for them. Always check on Google what power adapters suitable for different countries before you travel. Don’t be fooled by the proximity of countries beside each other.

Always keep cash

It is still better to save some money in your pocket. Always keep some foreign exchange before you visit any country. Sometimes, your card may not work, or the Internet connection may not be available in a foreign country, whatever the reason it is. But, for your convenience, you may require to stay for two days without cards. So it is always better to keep some foreign currency in your pocket.

Always go for ATMs near airports or banks because there may be a possibility that ATMs are hacked. So the safe place to withdraw money is still near the banks or the airport. It is also accessible to locket for ATMs near banks.

Paying Attention to Your Belongings

This is another big mistake top tourist generally commits. Top tourist places are always busy, and most of them are public areas where there are lots of pickpocketers. They are always looking for chances. If you are not giving any attention to your belongings, they will quickly steal your money or any other essential things. Tourists are always looking for taking photos or looking around beautiful places. But you may lose your valuable belongings if you are not paying attention to them.

So it is better to have a front side bag that you may wear across your body. Always keep your valuable documents like ID, passport, cards, or mobile phones in the bag.

Time for Your Layover Next Flight

In the case of domestic flights, there are lots of people traveling within the county. And if you have any connecting flight and the layover time for the next trip is below one hour, you may have a problem. There will be a long queue in the airports. Especially in the security check. If you are getting late for any reason, maybe due to weather, you may not be able to reach for the next flight on-time. Therefore it is always better to keep one hour reserve for your next flight. If you are not able to arrive on time, you will have to wait for the next trip, and during the process, you waste another hour and feel inconvenience.

Check your cell phone plan:

Whenever you were going for an international trip, recharge your phone with international roaming facility. If your phone service provider is not available in the destination country, it is better to get a sim card in their definition. But, it is better to keep your phone in airplane mode or to use hotel Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi facilities so that you are not running out of your data plan. You may also downgrade your phone download speed or keep some data restriction on your android mobile or iPhone.

Another vital hack is that before visiting any country, always try to download off-line Google Maps in your own country, and you may use them in the destination country. It will save lots of data on your mobile phone.

Join Frequent Flyer Programs

Most of the airlines have frequent flyer program, which will save your money. If you require any change on a trip after your booking, a regular flyer program helps you a lot. Rather than taking flights from 2/3 different airlines, it is better to pick one two airlines that save you a lot. This program will help you to receive a royalty bonus to your bookings, which may be redeemed later.

Keep Modest Clothing:

In some countries, there are some restrictions in dressing. For example, in most of the Muslim countries, girls/women have to wear modest clothing covering the shoulder or your knees. So, before visiting any country, it is better to have some knowledge of local clothes and dresses. This will help you to keep familiar with the local requirements.

Always keep a Xerox copy

Most of the people who committed another critical travel mistake are that they never keep a copy of relevant documents like ID, passport, or significant phone numbers. My one crucial advice to travelers is that always keep one/two copies of your id, passport in both front bags, and backpacks. So, if you’re essential documents are stolen, you may at least communicate with local police or have some documents in your hand.

Always keep a copy of the business card of your hotel or your travel guide. It will help you to communicate quickly during any problem.

Never keep all the documents in one place

Another vital travel mistake is that we follow all the documents like credit/debit cards or passports in one place. It is better to keep your cards separate from your cash so that you may have something if they are stolen. If your wallet is stolen, you will have the cards and such a way you have a backup during an emergency.

Keep your Passport Safe

There is another problem with your passport that the travel guide often suggests you keep your passport with you. But if you keep your passport in your bag, which you often several times, it will be a risky task. You may miss your passport anywhere. It may not be safe for your passport in the hotel room. So it is better to keep your passport isolated in another bag, which is not often opening and closing during the day.

Book your local entry ticket early

If you are visiting a trendy place like a museum or world-famous destination, always check the entry ticket and the available date and time for visiting. Some sites require early bookings when a month or two more first. So, book your local entry tickets if possible early or try to get some information for them.

If you don’t book your ticket early, you may get the chance to visit those valuable destinations even though you are very near to them.

Check the Local Time of Arrival

Another travel mistake is that we book a ticket during the daytime on the origin country and reach your destination place at midnight. If your destination airport is in a city, that’s okay. But, if the hotel is far from the airport, you had to wait till morning. Therefore it is better to have a daytime arrival in the destination city.

Sometimes, you have to look for pre-vaccination to visiting a few places. So, it is better to watch and record all of your needs. Collect vital information from Google or your friends that were previously visiting the sites that you want to visit. We’ll keep updating the travel mistakes that you often committed during your journey.

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